C.P.I (Hugo Capablanca & Marc Piñol): Alianza

Grant: RTF32
Detail: Electronic composition (40 minutes)
Performers: Hugo Capablanca and Marc Piñol
Recording: Released on vinyl by Hivern Discs in 2020

The Richard Thomas Foundation commissioned Hugo and Marc, both DJs, to create a concept album intended to be listened to as a single piece of music.

Background: With their first LP album C.P.I. aims to explore off the beaten path territories in contemporary electronic music, avoiding the cliché of falling into a long player collection of dancefloor oriented compositions, as is often the case with producers from the most immediate club music scene, but rather adventuring towards a more intuitive and subjective avant “pop” sensibility (in a rather obscure and strange acceptation of the word), slightly psychedelic, dubbed out and experimental terrain, where field recordings go hand in hand with modular drones, suggestive chants, disjointed patterns, and self-taught recordings techniques.