Pinar&Viola: Panspermia

RTF commissioned multidisciplinary artists and creative duo Pinar&Viola to create a video using as a soundtrack Se from Aski’s album “Bleke”.

Pinar&Viola collaborated with neural artist Sofia Crespo to create a film using machine learning through clips generated by artificial intelligence. It investigates the scientific hypothesis that human DNA evolved from alien DNA delivered to earth through an asteroid crash, billions of years ago, likely from Mars. It explores who we are fundamentally if we carry the DNA from not only our human lineage, but possibly alien life forms as well.

Panspermia, video 2:56 mins (c) Pinar&Viola 2019

Concept/direction: Pinar&Viola 
Neural artist: Sofia Crespo 
Edited by Atilla Turker 

“Se” written & performed by Aski,
produced by Billy Davis, from the Album “Bleke” (p) and (c) Junk Ibu Limited 2019