Nathan James Dearden: Song cycle

Grant: RTF56
Detail: Songs for Soprano, Tenor and Piano
Premiere: 4 August 2023, Aberystwyth International Festival 

Performers: Lucy Crowe – soprano, Nicky Spence – tenor, and Andrew Matthews-Owen – piano

Award winning composer Nathan James Dearden will write songs as the prompts and responses of a woman’s best friend. The new songs, along with others by LGBTQ poets and composers, will be woven around Schumann’s iconic cycle Frauenliebe und Leben, highlighting and celebrating an important and often life-long relationship, that of a woman and her gay best friend, a theme never before explored and given a platform in classical music.

The Commission is supported by the Richard Thomas Foundation, and by the Pride Network (BNP Paribas Banking).

Photo (c) Chi Long Wu