Alex Groves: Layer Upon Layer Upon Layer

Grant: RTF57
Detail: Long form electronic spatial sound composition
Premiere: 25 April 2023, Stone Nest, London

Performer: Alex Groves

A walk is just one more layer, a mark, laid upon the thousands of other layers of human and geographic history on the surface of the land. Maps help to show this.’ – Richard Long

“Layer Upon Layer Upon Layer” is a sonic map, charting places both real and imagined, internal and external, emotional and physical. It’s both a sonic geography of my life and a wide open landscape for others to explore. Inspired by Richard Long’s walks, sculptures and text pieces, the work turns field recordings into an abstracted vista which is simultaneously loaded with meaning and yet waiting for a listener to define it.

Alex Groves (1991) has for the last couple of years used highly-processed field recordings to create electronic works. The aim of the composition is to expand that work into a three dimensional landscape that shifts in and out of field recordings and more composed electronics.

photo of Alex (c) Sam Le Roux