Hannah Kendal: On the Chequer’d Field Array’d for Piano

Grant: RTF11
Detail: Solo work for piano, 2013 (12 minutes)
Premiere: 15 May 2013, Purcell Room, Southbank, London
Performer: Andrew Matthews-Owen

Recording released in 2017

Background: The title is taken from the 1763 poem Cassia by Sir William Jones and depicts the three sections of a game of chess (the opening, the middle game and the endgame); the three movements are inspired by observations about the game of chess by Albert Einstein, Marcel Duchamp, and David Janowski (a Polish/French chess master).

On the Chequer’d Field Array’d was very well received:

There’s a good review of the premiere here

Classical Music Magazine (December 2013) picked On the Chequer’d Field Array’d as one of its “Premieres of the Year 2013″