Szymon Broska: Casting Traces for New Movement Collective

Grant: RTF05
Detail: Solo violin
Premiere: 10 July 2012, TestBed1, London
Performer: Linda Jankowska

Purpose of grant: To support the creation of a new piece of choreography (Casting Traces) and public performances at TestBed 1, Battersea, London SW11.  There were five performances between 10th and 13th July 2012.  The foundation funded the composition by the composer Szymon Broska of the score for the performance.

Background: The New Movement Collective is a collective of new generation choreographers with a long collaborative working history, both as dancers and dance-makers with Europe’s leading ballet and contemporary companies. It is engaged in developing work that is directly presented in response to different and unusual theatrical settings. New movement aims to challenge the notions of traditional performance and evolve the landscape of contemporary theatre. Further information about the performance is here. and video of performance is here

The work: Casting Traces is an immersive piece of site specific performance art, made in collaboration between the New Movement Collective; Danish architect Erin Lund; film maker Annette Porter and Polish composer Szymon Brzoska. The performance is based on the ideas of a labyrinth, the brain’s misinterpretation of shadows and sounds, and takes as its starting point and source of inspiration Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy.