Oren Ambarchi: MONOM Performance

We’re helping Oren Ambarchi create a spatialised mix of his next album in the MONOM 4DSOUND spatial system. Oren spent a week in March creating a spatialised mix with MONOM’s sound engineers and artistic director. We held a showing for friends on 29th March 2022, and plan a public concert in October 2022 when the album is released.

This longform piece “Shebang” from Australian artist Oren Ambarchi features Ambarchi on guitars and whatnot with special guests: Chris Abrahams – piano, Johan Berthling – acoustic bass, BJ Cole – pedal steel, Sam Dunscombe – bass clarinet, Jim O’Rourke – synths, Julia Reidy – 12-string guitar, and Joe Talia on drums. Constructed with Konrad Sprenger at Choose studios, executive producer Dick Wolf.

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Image credit:Traianos Pakioufakis