CONCERTS at the Louise Blouin Foundation 2009-10

Between 2009 and 2010 the Foundation helped to support the following concert series at the Louise Blouin Foundation in West London.  The musical director of the series was pianist Andrew Matthews-Owen.

LBF01:   2 April 2009

Joby Burgess, Percussion & Electronics

David Lang: The Anvil Chorus
Frederic Rzewski: To the Earth
Steve Reich: Electric Counterpoint
Tansy Davies: Dark Ground
Richard Baker: Sleepsong
Graham Fitkin: Chain of Command

LBF02:   7 May 2009

Terry Smith (artist); Ian Dearden (composer); Linda Hirst (vocalist); Miguel Tantos (trombone)

 Broken Voices – A multimedia performance

LBF03:   10 June 2009

Claire Booth (soprano): Andrew Matthews-Owen (piano)

Pre-concert discussion with composers Arlene Sierra, Laurence Crane and Robert Fokkens in conversation with Katie Derham.          

Oliver Knussen: Whitman Settings (1 & 2)
Alun Hoddinott: One Must Always Have Love (London Premiere)
Arlene Sierra:  Hearing Things (World Premiere)
Robert Fokkens: Africa (London Premiere)
Philip Cashian:  The Songs Few Hear (London Premiere)
Laurence Crane: Weirdi

LBF04:   3 September 2009

Christine Croshaw (piano)

Pre concert talk with broadcaster Katie Derham

Hummel: La Bella Carpricciosa
Chopin: Etude in A flat Major,  Valse in C sharp minor, Valse in A flat major
Faure: Ballade op 19,  Apres un rêve
Gershwin:  Love walked in
Mayerl:  Marigold,  Bats in the Belfry

LBF05:   1 October 2009

 Philip Cashian  – pre concert talk

 Manson Ensemble (Royal Academy of Music) with Philip Cashian

Rapacki, Sebastian:  Genom Drommarnas Korridor
Sawer, David:  Between
Cashian ,Philip: Concertantes
Varese, Edgar: Density 21.5
Takemistu, Toru:  And then I knew ‘twas Wind
Stravinsky, Igor:  Three pieces for solo clarinet
Bamon, Laurie: Thames Stirring Night
Maxwell Davies, Peter : Sea Eagle
Holt, Simon:  Shadow Realm

LBF06:   5 November 2009

Michael Berkeley – pre concert talk

Finzi Quartet,  Sarah Moule (soprano); Andrew Radley (countertenor)

Thomas Ades: Arcadiana
Michael Berkeley:   Touch Light
Finzi: Romance
Schoenberg:   Quartet No 2

LBF07: 4 March 2010

Trio Fibonacci –  Piano Trio from Quebec City, Canada

Beethoven:  Piano Trio No 7 Op.97 in B flat major
Nyman:  Yellow Beach
Fokkens: Tracing Lines
Schumann: Piano Trio No 1 Op 63

LBF08: 15 April 2010

Linda Hirst (vocalist);  Nicholas Brown (artist-composer)

Nicholas Brown: “As now I have memorye”  – a video and music collaboration

LBF09: 20 May 2010 

Catrin Finch (harpist)

Parry, John:  Sonata No.1
Debussy: Deux Arabesques (arr.Catrin Finch)
Mathias:  Santa Fe Suite
Rota: Sarabanda et Toccata
Andres: Elegie pour la mort d’un berger
Salzedo: Fantasy on Lara’s Granada
Smetana: The Moldau

LBF10: 11 June 2010

Brodowski Quartet (David Brodowski, Catrin Win Morgan, Felix Tanner, Vanessa Lucas-Smith)

Haydn:  String quartet no 4 in D major
Shostakovich: Two pieces for string quartet: Elegy, Polka
Schulhoff: Five pieces for string quartet
Tchaikovsky: String quartet no 1 in D major
Piazolla: Four for Tango

LBF11: 1 July 2010

Douglas Finch (pianist);  dancers from the LABAN academy of dance
Bach, J.S.: Prelude and Fugue in B flat major
Bach, J.S.:  Prelude and Fugue in B flat minor
Franck: Prelude, Chorale and Fugue (1884)
Finch:  Preludes and Afterthoughts, choreography by Susan Sentler (2010)

LBF12: 2 September 2010

Christine Croshaw (piano)

Gabriel Faure: Ballade in F sharp major          

Deborah Gruman and Anne Lovett (violin and piano)

Ravel:  Sonata for Piona and violin in G Major

Sian Jones (soprano); Andrew Matthews-Owen (piano); Sam Newman (narrator)          

Sian Jones: Lilly: My Debussy   (world premiere)

LBF13: 7 October 2010

American Experimentalism

Royal Academy of Music – Manson Ensemble:

Steve Reich: New York Counterpoint
Laurence Crane: John White in Berlin
Chris Petrie:   Exo
George Crumb:  Four Nocturnes
Paul Burke:  Lullaby
Feldman:   The Viola in my Life 3
John Cage: Five

LBF14: 4 November 2010

Juice, with Damien Harron

Damien Harron (percussion);
Kerry Andrew, Sarah Dacey, Anna Snow (Juice, vocal trio)

John Cage: Story
Damian Harron: When Birds do Sing
David Breslin: Yellow-bellied
Tansy Davies: Women in Love
Kerry Andrew: Luna-cy2 (moonstricken)
Sebastian Black: Malaguena
Elspeth Brooke: Airborne
Damien Harron: Where are the Kings?
Goergas Aperghis: Le corps a corps
Dai Fujikura: Lake Side
Joseph Shallcross: September
Roger Marsh: Lullaby
Anna Snow: Vapour

LBF15: 20 November 2010

An evening with Max

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies – pre concert talk with Katie Derham

Royal Academy of Music Brass Quintet conducted by Jonathan Mann

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies: Brass Quintet (1981)