RTF Grant Policy

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The Foundation pursues its objective through the discretionary giving of grants, and whilst we welcome interest from composers, artists and performers, we do not invite general applications for grants, and any such applications are unlikely to be successful.

Grants the Trustees make in general need to meet the following criteria:

the purpose of the grant is to result in the public performance, dissemination or exhibition of a new piece of contemporary art (“the work”)

the work must be capable of being performed or shown in public

the work should be high quality and have the potential to be significant within its field

the work should be capable of longevity (eg through being recorded, written down, or through being scored or notated for further future performances)

for artists, the award of the grant should stretch their creative boundaries beyond their current artistic scope

venues in receipt of a grant must provide access to the work for the disadvantaged (eg subsidised or free tickets for the unwaged)

grant recipients where relevant must commit to have the work performed in public by a specified date

grant recipients may be requested by the Trustees to give a public talk to accompany the performance of the work